Saint Germain Society
"Unless we put medical freedom into The Constitution, the time will come when medicine will organize into an undercover dictatorship."
—Dr. Benjamin Rush, 1776
Food, Diet, Nutrition, Natural Cures, Essential Oils, herbs, extracts
Natal Charts, Full Horoscopes, Occultations, Retrograde Forecasting
Sacred Geometry, Plato's Primitives, Golden Mean & Ratio, Feng Shui
Letters & Numerals, Gematria, Numerology, Tarot Number Sequence
Meditation, Hypnosis, Sex Magick, Psychic Dreams, Astral Projection
Past Life Ancestry Factors, Genetic Souls, History Recovery Dangers
Rituals & Rites
Occult Science, Esoterica, Mystery Schools, Mastering Reality, Cults
Ancient Magick
Druid Systems, Ceremonial Magic Spells, Sorcery, Wizards, Mysticism

Noble Order of The Guard of St. Germain
Notice: The Royal House of Stewart, Guard of St. Germain website has been deactivated.

The spirit of St. Germain - mysterious, illuminated mystic of old Europe - exists in our time...
Reincarnation of his soul has invoked a rebirth of his art and craft for the enlightenment
of our own generations; the secret knowledge of esoteric traditions and societies.

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